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You are the Guru!

How different could your whole life be if you were able to live with the same richness in wisdom, love and power of a traditional Guru, Mystic or Shaman whilst living a modern lifestyle?


Transformational Life Coach and International Author of Become Your Own Guru Theresa Fitzgerald, will share  at the Online Ashram on how to tap into the divine wisdom within you to experience an extraordinary life and live beyond your wildest dreams.


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The Online Ashram is designed to empower, enrich, inspire and equip you to discover your own gifts, purpose,  Guru Within and you’ll also learn REAL LIFE tips and techniques for enlightened modern living.


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Some of the Topics we will be exploring are:

  • Transforming Pain and Suffering
  • How to Free your Mind from Worry and Busy Thoughts
  • How to Gain Clarity, direction and focus to achieve more with less effort
  • How to transform limitations and scarcity to opportunity and abundance
  • Practical Tips on being happy every day
  • Universal Laws
  • Law of Attraction
  • Manifestation
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Self-Love
  • Being Present
  • Life Purpose
  • Learn to meditate easily
  • And More….



 Improve your relationships, finances, career, and create a life you love every day by realizing your potential.....



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Theresa Fitzgerald , Author and Transformational Life Coach receives Award from Darren Stephens, Global Publishing Group

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